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Vilofoss Red PECKStone

£16.50 Excl. VAT

  • Available in 10kg
  • One PECKStone is suitable for 500-800 birds for controlling pecking behaviour
  • One PECKstone is suitable for 1000 birds for controlling animal welfare
  • Approved for use in organic farming
  • No negative effect on egg production for yolk colour or fattening

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Peckstone Product Overview Plus Icon

Extra-hard mineral PECKStone which supports poultry’s natural behaviours in pecking and scratching.

Use from about20 weeks of age. Suitable for layers and breeders, turkeys and game birds, PECKStone supports natural behaviour in poultry.

It promotes activity and mobility, reducing stress-initiating interactions, and helps to prevent the occurence of feather-pecking and cannibalism, as well as supporting natural beak wear.

The additional intake of magnesium and sodium and other micro minerals supports a healthy metabolism as well as strengthening bone structure, plumage and feather formation.

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