Giving farmers a break from the stress of staying on top of farm supplies.

We aim to provide a good feeling across every interaction with our company. It is the place to get your farm essentials, be inspired, get trustworthy and accurate advice and to recognise the importance of self-care.

Grab a cuppa and we’ll tell you our story

The bright idea.

In 2019 All Agri was beginning its journey being conceived as a destination website for farmers to shop for their consumables online. As part of Elta Group, we had farming experts placed in a number of existing businesses and it was time to bring the sheer wealth of knowledge together in order to provide something remarkable and unique to the farming industry.

By 2020, we were almost ready to launch when the world was hit by the Coronavirus pandemic and businesses across the globe stood still. But farmers became recognised as key workers and feeding our nation was more of a priority than ever. The need for farmers to continue with their work, no matter what became more important than ever.

Transforming the consumables experience.

All Agri’s purpose is to deliver services and advice to farmers through an engaging and efficient online platform. The input from our customers, suppliers and staff is invaluable as we seek to be a source of trustworthy advice. We provide products of the highest quality, handpicked by our farming experts.

We deliver hassle-free farm supplies,
all in aid of making the farmer’s life easier.

How we got here.

We have always maintained a relentless focus on the needs of our customers to help them with their everyday farm requirements. We have worked with the greatest farming minds in our group in order to deliver a service that is second to none.

We have a wealth of knowledge within our group of businesses
and we knew we had to share that with the agriculture industry.

Farming with feeling.

This drives our approach as we look to support mental health alongside our operations. We aim to provide a good feeling across every interaction with our brand leaving our customers to concentrate on the most important aspects of their day-to-day, safe in the knowledge that we’re taking care of their consumable requirements.

Proudly part of a group that enhances lives

Part of
Elta Group

Across all of our people, in all of our businesses, on all continents on which we operate, Elta Group has one purpose: To enhance life through air.

For over 20 years we have been a proudly independent,
family-owned group, but our foundations were laid
over 50 years ago. Our foundations were built on an
entrepreneurial spirit and a clear vision of meeting
market needs and improving air quality.