Kilco Solulyte

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  • Available in 5L
  • Provides rehydration and energy at times of stress
  • Use at strategic periods to stimulate water consumption and supply essential body salts
  • Concentrated solution

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A liquid complementary feed nutritional aid to replace body salts in poultry.

Contains sodium, potassium and magnesium salts with a citiric acid base. Used to stimulate rehydration and replace essential salts during periods of stress.

  • Contains a high concentration of sodium, potassium & magnesium salts in a citric acid base
  • Dilute 1 litre Solulyte to 500 litres clean water
  • Recommended usage:
  • 3 days prior to movement from rearing farms, on arrival at laying farms
  • 3 days post vaccination & drug treatment
  • 3 days following transportation
  • During periods of heat stress
  • At all times of disease challenge and other stress factors

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