Virkon Biofoam

£45.00 Excl. VAT

  • Available in 20L
  • Excellent cleaning and degreasing properties
  • Can be used as a foam or a spray, may be used through pressure washers or spraying equipment
  • Suitable for use on all hatchery, processing and farm building surfaces
  • Non staining, non tainting
  • Due to this product’s size/composition, it has to be shipped by specialist Hazchem shipping, bearing an additional charge.

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Biofoam is an acidic foaming detergent with superior descaling properties ideal for the removal of soiling in hatcheries and processing plants where humidity can cause soil and scale build-up. It will also help to eliminate stubborn staining and soiling on factory floors and floor slats used in livestock housing and farm buildings.

A synergistic blend of surfactants which combine to produce, a superior foaming cleaner, preventing the build up of scale.

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