TPI 145-VFG Air Inlet Valve

£39.00 Excl. VAT

  • High performing industry standard inlet
  • Polyurethane construction ensures a condensation free installation
  • Resistant to the aggressive poultry atmosphere

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Manufactured from high-quality polyurethane ensuring a condensation-free insulated inlet with a long life, perfect for livestock ventilation.

Features and Benefits

  • Inlets constructed from durable polyurethane foam
  • A very high degree of insulation
  • A strong structure with a low weight
  • Easy to handle (adjusting, glueing etc.) with quick and easy mounting
  • Easy to clean and environmentally desirable
  • Highly resistant to chemicals, aggressive gases and dry rot
  • Inlets can be supplied for either wall or ceiling mounted applications
  • Simple to install either in a new system or as a retro-fit to upgrade an existing system design

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