Hydor Hi-Flow Wall Circulation Fan

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  • Wall mounted unit reduces trip hazards
  • 3 speed settings
  • Black meshed guard for protection

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The large hi-flow wall circulation fans are designed for use in a wide variety of agriculture and horticulture applications. Wall mounted units are highly suitable for mounting in milking parlours, holding areas and calf housing.

Hydor wall fans provide powerful, cool, yet effective, positive air movement, thereby improving the environmental conditions for both humans and animals.

  • Control of insects in the summer months – many insects and flies are discouraged by the constant airflow created by the circulating fans
  • Provides a reduction in livestock heat stress, thereby reducing veterinary expenses
  • Air circulation results in improved root growth and a healthier plant in horticulture applications
  • Air circulation moves fumes away from animals, circulating gases to a higher level for extraction at roof level

See product overview in downloads for dimensions.

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